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Chloe Nicole Biography Photo Chloe Nicole Biography
Born: 11/14/1971
Aliases: Chloe Nichole, Chloe Nicholle, Chloe Nicole, Chloe Yee, Cloe, Cloe Nichole, Cloe Nicole, Jackie

First Film: Hollywood Amateurs 15
Date of Birth: 11/14/1971
Starting Year: 1995 (approximately 24 years old)
Hometown: Thousand Oaks, California, USA
Measurements : 32A-25-34
Height: 5'5
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Auburn

Chloe began her adult career in 1995. Early on she appeared in mostly Gonzo hardcore movies. In 2001 Chloe signed an exclusive contract with the adult film company VCA Pictures. Chloe is involved with the Los Angeles Needle Exchange, a program designed to combat the spread of AIDS and other diseases by providing IV drug users with clean hypodermic needles, as well as offering support and referral to support groups and drug rehabilitation programs. She is also involved with the Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation (AIM), an organization that provides testing and treatment for AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. She has a few adult novelty toy lines which she endorses, the most noted is a toy called, The Fist of Fury. It was molded from Chloe`s closed fist and forearm. In 2003 Chloe hosted the 20th Annual Adult Video News (AVN) Awards ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada. A multiple AVN Award winner herself, she has also appeared in several cable movies and specials on MTV, VH-1, and Showtime. She boasts a filmography of over 400 movies. Chloe sings in a song called Harder by Sabateur. It is available on the compilation CD Porn To Rock, an album of tracks which feature porn stars. She also stars and sings in the adult film `Veronica Hart`s Misty Beethoven: The Musical`, a musical remake of Henry Paris` famous 1976 adult film The Opening Of Misty Beethoven.

I never really was very good at describing my life story, being that it has taken so many twists and turns, both bad and good. Someday I probably will write a book about my life, but in the meantime, let me break it up into five parts. Please read on!

Part one:
The Childhood: I was born in Thousand Oaks, CA (yes, I'm a native) on November 14, 1971. I don't have a problem with giving my real age, because I'm proud to still be alive at this age. I had a real Mr. Rogers childhood, or Norman Rockwell, if you will…Very loving parents, a sister 11 months older than me, and a very active social and recreational agenda. My family went skiing, camping, ATC riding, took trips to Vegas and Tahoe, and all the other fun stuff that families do when the kids are small. I was a popular and smart kiddy throughout the school years, and took ballet classes 6 days a week. I had originally thought I would become a famous ballerina, but I burnt out on the dance trip by 17. Which leads us into…

Part two:
The Hollywood Years: Okay, this section kind of over laps the previous section, so try to stick with me. Straight A student in the mornings, dedicated ballerina in the afternoons, and Hollywood-based band groupie at night. Oh, how I wish I could accurately describe the way Hollywood was back in the days of free-flowing booze, glam rock, and free sex for anyone willing to partake. It was something you had to be there for to fully appreciate, and I made sure I was there for most of it!!! Running away from home, hitch-hiking to the Troubadour, seeing my favorite glam-rock bands, and trying to get one or more of them to have sex with me before the night was over. Yes, I was a true Hollywood groupie!! The bands that were popular during this period were Poison, Warrant, Faster Pussycat, Jetboy, The Zeroes and a whole slew of others that I can't remember the names of. It was life at its finest, and I only wish I had been a little older to experience it more fully. You do the math!! And cum with me into the next section…

Part three:
The Dark Years: This is where everything kind of fell apart for me. I graduated from high school (yes, I was very young still) and moved to Riverside, CA., and found a drug that I liked called "speed". I was addicted by the time I was 19, and that's all she wrote. The next 5 years are very hazy to say the least, but I can tell you that none of it was very fun. If any of you know someone that has turned to drugs, then you know about what it was like for me during these dark, dark times. Drug abuse is a very progressive disease, and it only continues to get worse, until you decide to quit…which leads us to part four…

Part four:
The Sober Years: This is probably the section you have been looking for…My triumphant return to reality, and my debut into the wonderful world of adult. I found sobriety in the shape of a twelve-step program and also in the adult industry. As I've often said in interviews, I think without both of these things I may not have gotten sober. The 12-steps part is self-explanatory, but the porno element is not…so let me try to tell you. I wanted to look good, and live up to my full potential as an adult actress, and in order to do so, I simply had to quit! So, I did!! No, it was not easy, but I am grateful for the people in my life at that time for making it a little easier to go through. My sobriety date is July 7th, 1996, and I look forward to having a long career as a sober member of society. I'm thinking that maybe I should've had five parts to my story, because you undoubtedly want to know more about my career as a porn actress, so let's add…

Part five:
The Porn Years: This is the only open ended part, because its still going, and going well. I made my debut into porn at 25, and after I shrugged off the remnants of my abuse problem, I truly arrived. Maybe because of my colorful past, or maybe just because I was overly ready to start enjoying life to the fullest again, I really made a mark on this industry in a short period of time. As I sit here now, with 8 AVN awards from the past two years, including "Female Performer of the Year" and "Best Actress", with an ongoing gonzo line of my own through Elegant Angel, and with a clear head and an amazing amount of respect from my peers, I have to chuckle to myself, and say "Isn't this life wonderful!!!"

An Interview:
All right Chloe, for at least four years, you've been ducking this interview and I want to know why.

(She laughs) I have not been ducking you.

Every year it's some excuse.

I have never ducked you. It's usually been my voice. These shows always kill it and you catch me too late. It's working now though, so we can do this.

We want your voice to continue sounding great because….

Because I am hosting the 20th AVN Awards show tomorrow night. I'm ecstatic and nervous as hell.

Are you more nervous about this than you were before your first scene?

Probably this. I was fucked up for my first scene. I was on drugs and I didn't care. I am representing the entire adult community so I'm very nervous. I'm going to have to be sexy, yet classy and roll with the punches if something weird happens. The whole idea is to keep the show moving so we aren't sitting there for four and a half hours.

The shows usually last well over four hours, what is your goal?

They are shooting for two hours and three minutes. I'm thinking that two hours and fifteen would be good. We are only giving away twenty-six awards on stage this year so that will knock the time way down.

Congratulations, I'm sure you will be brilliant.

Thank you.

How many years have you been in the business?

This is my eighth.

That's a very long career for this industry.

Yes, very long. I came in when I was twenty-four and I'm thirty-one now.

How many years have you been with VCA?


How is that working out?

Pretty well. I'm directing and that was a goal for a long time. As a female, you have to know that this is going to end someday.

(At this point, Ginger Lynn enters the room and starts looking for something in a box near Chloe. She is bent over with her ass about three inches from Rog's face.)

Look at that. Ginger really knows how to interrupt an interview.

Do you realize that this is my sixteen year old fantasy? Ginger Lynn's ass right in my face.

I've done three interviews today and she's walked in on all three. I think she's trying to upstage me.

She is doing a decent job.

Stop drooling Roger, she's gone.

Yes, but Ginger Lynn's ass, in my face.

And you didn't even give is a squeeze.

All right, back to you directing.

Yes, you have to realize that you're going to get old. I started directing about three years ago and it's been great. I've been doing six movies a year for VCA. This year I will direct six, but only star in two.

Do you have a retirement date set?

No. I will keep making movies as long as they keep selling. I hear my shit still sells, so I will keep doing it.

Do you know how many movies you've made?

I think it's around 417. My first few years I did a lot, but I've slowed way down.

If you were going to pick one or two as your best, what would they be?

Elegant Angel's "Welcum to Chloeville 3" was my best. It's a gonzo product and I have to give kudos to VCA for a movie called "Unreal" as well. I got a chance to show off my acting in that one.

Was Patrick Collins the first one who put you behind the camera?

No, actually it was VCA. They let me direct one gonzo called "What Makes You Cum?" It won a couple of awards, but they decided not to let me do gonzo any more. I did freelance work for two years, did my thing at Elegant Angel. When I started slowing down, I went back to VCA and got my contract.

VCA is mostly features…

All features.

All features, but early on you did a lot of gonzo.

I am a gonzo girl.

You're looking to slow down now and you prefer features, but…

Hold no. No. That's not true at all. Chloe does not prefer features. I even prefer to direct gonzo. It's just that the company I work for doesn't do that.

So if VCA were to do gonzo, you would prefer that?

I have tried many times to do a gonzo line. I've been told no because they don't make the cable sales. I am still a gonzo girl through and through. There is a lot of good shit that gets cut out of the scenes I do now because Playboy won't take it. You can take the girl out of gonzo, but you can't he gonzo out of the girl.

Everyone can send their cards and letters to VCA.

Write and tell them. The sex is harder and nastier and they are easier anyway. Trying to give actors and actresses dialog in this industry is a mistake. I write my own scripts and I try to keep the dialog to a minimum unless I have someone like Julie Meadows. People fast forward through that shit anyway. They don't care. The market is gonzo and that's where my heart is. When I write a script, I try and string together six sex scenes with as few words as possible.

You should try and write a six word script with on word before each scene.

(She laughs) Let Me Fuck You For VCA.

There you go, your next movie.

I think some of that dialog may be a little too tough though.

Over the years, who have been your favorite guys to work with?

Randy Spears has been and is my favorite guy to work with. Mark Davis is another one, Steve Hatcher, Ian Daniels, Kyle Stone. That guy has always been great and is overlooked. He has stunt cocked for me more times than I can count.

What about girls?

Ginger Lynn. We took home an award a couple of years ago. Kylie Ireland, Ruby who taught me everything I know about girls. There is a new girl named Flick Shagwell and Aurora Snow is one of my favorite girls recently. She's a hottie.

Is there anyone you never got to work with, but really wanted?

I never got to work with Rocco. I would really have liked to done that, but he doesn't use condoms and I have been condoms-only for longer than anyone. That doesn't mean that Rocco couldn't do me off camera. I've been known to drop the condom off camera. So Rocco if you're reading this, call Chloe.

Let's talk about your web site.

It's I do a web chat once a month. Usually I do something like fisting or some huge product. Kylie Ireland and I will be starting a girl/girl show as well.

You mentioned fisting.

Yeah, let's say it right now, I started that. I started the fisting thing. It made a brief appearance in the late seventies and then nobody touched it. I brought it back single handedly, sometimes double handedly.

That was for Seymore, right?

I was doing it in my bondage movies, but those were for Germany and you couldn't see them here. I had already tried to push the envelope with the companies I worked for, but they would edit it our or pixilate it. Seymore was the first one who said, let's run with it. He suffered the consequences for that, but it's available again in LA. I put it in almost all of my movies at Elegant Angel, though they were pixilated. I even did mold of my fist, the "Fist of Fury" which is a little bit smaller than the Doc Johnson product so it actually fits in a girl. I have tested it.

Does it fit in a guy?

Sure. Rog, are you propositioning me?

Not for that, but thanks for thinking of me that way.

My fist fits really well into a guy you know.

Thanks for that. I'll remain seated for the remainder of this interview.

Good idea.

The fisting scene between you and Alisha Klass, was that something that you talked about ahead of time or was it a heat of the moment sort o thing?

It was kind of funny because we didn't say what we were going to do, but we had a list of things that we didn't want done. She said something about not spitting her in her face and that's how the scene starts. From that point on, it became a friendly grudge fuck. After that we just tried to outdo each other and it turned out great.

You have a toy contract with LVNI for how long?

It's a five year contract that I signed two years ago.

So you were the second contract girl after Jewel?

I was actually there before Jewel, but it took forever to get my product out because I'm so picky. I have never endorsed any product other than the ones from Las Vegas Novelties. I won't put my picture on anything that I won't use. There is one vibrator that has my picture on it because it's good even though I don't use vibrators on myself. I have tested all of the others on myself before it comes out. They wanted to mold my pussy, but I said no. They did one of my ass though.

How as that?

Cold, but fun.

Has someone tried both and then compared the two?

I did have a guy friend of mine who had fucked my ass try the toy. He said that it wasn't the same, but that the texture of the material used by LVNI is very close to being skin. Besides, I don't have the pleasure nubs inside of me that the toy does.

You could have those surgically implanted.

Maybe next year.

Do you have other toys in the works?

I am looking at another vibrator that I would use on my butt.

For those people who don't know this, tell them why Chloe wouldn't use a vibrator.

My clit doesn't work. It got knocked out in first grade, so it's always hard but I don't feel anything. I've always been an inside girl. The deeper the better so all of my toys have handles.

Those also make the toys good for self defense. You can knock an assailant out with one of those.

It's a very heavy duty product.

You have done some bi movies, right?

I did one bi movies, called "Mass Appeal" I believe.

That is the kind of thing that is looked upon as a no-no. You did that and you've done interracial.

Yeah, I've broken all of the rules along the way.

Do you think that those movies, both bi and interracial have affected your career in a negative way?

No. If you feel like you're doing something wrong, then the world will perceive it as being wrong. If you come at it with an attitude of "it's fine, it's fun" then the audience will understand. I believe that I need to try everything twice. I've been writing "Fuck my ass" all day for people. Because it's me, people think it's cool. If some other girl did that, guys would think of her as a B girl. If you do it with the right attitude you can do wrong.

If you could pick any one of the LVNI Girls, strap on a big dildo and just go to town, who would it be?

I think I've done all of them with the exception of Julie because she doesn't do girls. I've done Kylie, Serenity, Christi and Jewel. I've done Aurora. I would probably pick Julie just because she doesn't like it. I would like to tie her down and force her to take it.

She picked you.

That's because she is the lead singer in my band, so she has to say nice things.

I should have asked you which of the two LVNI Boys would you most want to do with a strap-on?

That is a tough call. Can I just double-dong Michael and Ron?

Do you work on your web site alone or do you have a web master?

I do work on it personally, but I have a web master. I often run out of time keeping it up to date, but I try to keep people abreast of what's going on with my stuff.

Do you have a good web master?

Really good.

Who is lower on the social ladder, web masters or internet porn critics?

Web masters. I have a long history of really bad ones who ripped me off for a lot of money.

Eight years in the business and from what I can see, those are still your natural breasts.

Trust me, they are.

How much pressure, if any, have you felt to get them done.

Again, when you present yourself in a certain way people don't give a fuck. When I was brand spanking new, I had a couple of people tell me that if I wanted to feature dance or get on box covers, that I would have to get implants. I don't want them. I like my breasts. I don't have a problem with them if a girl wants to get them to make herself feel better or more attractive. There wasn't a lot of pressure because I just said no and they left me alone.

You have one tattoo right?

Yes, it's a Japanese character that has no English translation. It basically means someone who is an emotional extremist. I have it on my wrist because I wear my emotions on my sleeve.

Is there anything you won't do on camera?

Dogs. Seriously, I would never do that on camera. Off camera, maybe. I might be able to be convinced to do another non-condom scene some day.

Why did you switch?

I was getting so many bacterial infections my last year as a gonzo girl that I just had to do it. Do I like using condoms? Fuck no, but if you are going to be doing this for a long time, you have to protect yourself. Other things I wouldn't do on camera? Children obviously. I think I've done everything else. I did bi, I did gang bang and I've even done a telephone in a movie.

(Rog's telephone rings.)

Answer that, it's OK.

(Rog answers the phone and is in the background.)

I'm right in the middle of an interview, can I call you back? I love you.

Aww, that must be his wife. I see a wedding ring on his finger.

Yes, that was Mrs. Rog. You also won Female Performer of the year at AVN two years ago.

1999 was the year I won. I won Best Actress in 2000. I won nothing my first three years in the business and now it's catching up.

Does anyone win anything during their first three years?

Well, Starlet, but they completely overlooked me for that. I peaked in 1999, won 5 more the next year.

Are you up this year?

I have a few scenes that I directed up this year and "Hayseed" is up for Best Sex Comedy.

Do you think you might win?

No way. I'm up against he Ozporns. I'm up against my own fucking company and Hercules.

You were in the Ozporns, did you see the finished product?

Yes, it was hilarious. It's going to kill me. Mine was cute, but it's going to get killed. I'm up for Best Couples Scene with Pat Myne.

From gonzo girl to Performer of the Year to Best Couples Scene? Are you going soft Chloe?

(She laughs) No, I just fuck better off camera now.

Is there anything else you want to add?

No, I'm just happy that I kept my voice this year. Hopefully I didn't wear it out talking to you.

Here's hoping. Thanks Chloe.

Thank you.

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